Well, yes, I know I said I it was possible that I might not be blogging much. But notice the “possible” and notice, too, that what I’m putting up—so far anyway—are merely concert announcements for your perusal. (Or perfusal, as I wrote first. And I think that might be appropriate for this one … you can peruse and then refuse. And I think that makes it a “perfusal”. 😉

What a Doll at Orchestra Hall! It’s princess power Sunday at the Max M. Fisher Music Center (3711 Woodward in Detroit) as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra presents “Barbie at the Symphony.” The DSO will play popular pieces from “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake” and other classics while showing scenes from Barbie movies on the big screen. 3 p.m. Tickets start at $19. Arrive early (1 p.m.) and attend a tea party with Barbie for $5. Come in costume for the Best-Dressed Barbie Contest. 313-576-5111.

What I want to know is … how many regular members of DSO will be on stage, and how many subs are there in their place?!


  1. what if you have moral issues with barbie dolls? can you be a conscientious objector?

  2. Not only could you be a conscientious objector … you could be a conscious objector! (I find Barbie lovers to be a bit “off”, you know? In an unconscious sort of way.)