Learning to play the harp is as easy as learning to play the piano.

-a harp store advertisement on our local classical music station

Harpists? Pianists? Comments?


  1. Was this quote to show how difficult it is to learn the harp or how easy? Assuming that it’s implying that it’s easy… Yeah… RIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTT.

  2. Well, either way it’s a very silly quote. If they are saying piano is easy, shame. If they are saying harp is easy, shame. If they are saying, “well, harp is as difficult as piano” I’m most comfortable. But no matter, it was a dumb thing to have on the radio!

  3. It’s a meaningless statement… which certainly does not rule it out as advertising!

    I would say it’s easy to learn to play badly on any instrument. Playing beautifully is a bit more difficult.