23. December 2007 · Comments Off on Hmmm · Categories: Ramble

I’m feeling a little bit yucky. As in good old nausea kind of yucky. With a bit of a headache and dizziness. I have two Nuts today, with a very nice dinner in between.

I cannot get sick, I cannot get sick, I cannot get sick ….

In other news: I’m #25. Last time I was #29. Before that I was #15, but I don’t think Scott had his full list of classical music blogs at that point. (Although I’m too lazy—and feeling to crummy—to check right now.) I probably wouldn’t include some blogs he has there, and I might put in others. But what the heck do I know?

Well, off to rest with me! I have written silly lyrics to the beginning of the Sugar Plum Fairy music (celeste parts), but I won’t post them here for now. I have to decide if the word “butt” is too strong for this family friendly site!

Oops. Too late. I already wrote it! 😉

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