Someone referred to “legit contemporary music”.

What does that mean? What does it imply?


  1. Perhaps legit contemporary music is valid such as Steven Stucky and Jennifer Higdon, whereas some people consider Karl Jenkins or Kenny G as contemporary music?

  2. Legit is a term used legally to refer to music of a classic nature – I remember this from Business in Music course and book, and references to performance royalties etc Legit vs Pop etcetc

    Contemporary music is well…instead of silly Tschakovsky, we’re tawkin like you know those gnarly composer guys in NYC that eat tin cans and such…

    So when we tawk about Legit Contemp we are tawking about modern classical heh.

  3. Do you think people that aren’t in the field know what it means? I wonder!

    I’ve always wondered how jazz players feel when a non-jazz person is referred to as a legit player. Does that make a jazz player illegitimate?

    Just having fun. Because I can. And I’m an oboe player. And we are just a bit … well … you know … off …. 😉