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I’ve been successful more often than not in focusing on the positive, but God knows there are still periods of true difficulty and struggle in this business, and through those ghastly moments, we still have to breathe in and “turn it on” for a public that deserves our everything and, rightly so, could not care less about how hard it was for us to get into makeup and warm up that particular night. I consider it a LARGE part of my job to keep healthy mentally so that these difficult moments happen less and less. (In part, it’s wishful thinking, I know, but it’s my goal!)

-Joyce DiDonato (found here … and read ALL of her blog … it’s fabulous! I am really enjoying her gratitude journal.)

I understand what Ms. DiDonato is saying, even while she is miles beyond me when it comes to talent and career.

As I play a run of something (say, Nutcracker for instance!) I hear a lot of grumbling around me. Heck, I grumble too. But the truth of it is, we have an audience and they deserve to hear our absolute best. In addition, I feel so entirely blessed to get to do what I do. So some days are rough. I miss the few weeks before Christmas being free for decorating and parties. Oh. Wait. I’m not into parties. Never mind that second thing! But I am so glad to bring joy into people’s lives. When I see the little kids bouncing their way to the hall for the ballet I am reminded that we are creating memories that they will probably talk about for a good long time. And when they are parents or grandparents, they’ll tell their kiddos about the event, and bring those young ones to a show too. And more memories are created. I always want to remember why we do what we do. It isn’t all about the money. If it were, I should just choose something different to do with my time!

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