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Okay, now that my Nutcracker is over, I’ll post my (very bad) poem. This is for you, Jason! Of course you, being a bass player … maybe you stand through the ballet and can’t relate to the words? 😉

(And if readers hate the word “butt” please just skip this post!)

These lyrics go along with the beginning of the Sugar Plum Fairy tune … sing along with the celesta! (Oh … and the parenthetical lines are the bass clarinet/clarinet lines.)

Butt Nut

My poor butt is sore
I cannot sit anymore
And I’m tired.
I should really go
(but you cannot leave)

Yes, I know but still
I think of home and I dream
of my bed
I’m tired of this show!
(that’s just too darn bad)

Okay, I will stay
and I will play one more day
(for more pay)
Aren’t you proud of me?
(I can’t really say)

Still I’m weary
This is dreary
I feel bleary
Let’s all flee!

12/20/07 pem (with help from phe)

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