This blogger gives you a list of 5 ways to thank your music teacher.

Now … what DO I want? REEDS. REEDS. REEDS.

Got it? 😉

Okay. Joking. Go to concerts. Practice. Show up to your lessons. Don’t cancel at the last minute. Laugh at my bad jokes.

What do I think of TGM’s suggestions? Just not all what I want, is all … I’m not saying these suggestions aren’t good for others. But some don’t work for me. So here goes …

1) No “booze” please. I like it. I don’t love it. I just don’t feel comfortable with a student giving me alcohol. Maybe that’s silly, but there you go. (Too many drunk musician stories … don’t want to go there!)

2) A practice diary? I like it! Especially when you are honest in the thing. (Don’t tell me you’ve practiced 45 minutes if most of that time is spent on meditation!) When a student tells me he/she has practiced all that I assigned but then can’t remember which pieces he/she practiced I’m … um … just a wee bit suspicious!

3) While inviting me out for ice cream is a nice gesture, I just don’t have time to go out after lessons. But go have some and think of me while you enjoy it, okay? (Gelato or frozen yogurt is even better. A chocolate and berry duo is highly recommended.)

4) I think concert tickets could be a very sweet idea, but considering my schedule I might have a conflict with whatever you choose. How ’bout YOU go to a concert and fill me in on it? I’d absolutely love it if my students would go to concerts now and then. Really!

5) Crafting a good practice routine is an excellent idea. Go for it!

The blog, The Good Musician is a fun read. Check it out! (I had commented on something from the site quite a long time ago. It came across as critical, which I didn’t intend. Please know this post is not meant to be critical either. K?)


  1. I officially announce that all my students should thanks me with a few gratifying shares of Apple Stock. The stock symbol for those unknowing individuals is AAPL.

    For those that I have made to feel guilty for not practicing, for showing up late, or for dressing poorly, please include a few gratifying shares of Google stock. The stock symbol for those unknowing individuals is GOOG.


    Have a Happy Holiday!

  2. Hah! VERY good! I will try to remember this for next year.

    Of course, as I’m on my way down the other side of the hill, who knows what I’ll remember that far from now.