There are a lot of oboe works I am not familiar with. I’ll admit that up front.

So I just found a CD at iTunes with Jan Thuri on oboe, playing with the Thuri Chamber Orchestra. The CD is called F. X. Thuri Oboe Concertos. I assumed Thuri must be related to Jan, and probably conducting or playing continuo.

And I’d never heard these works before. They’re pretty. Very Baroque. Predictable, but lovely.

So I was going to admit how stupid I am and have my readers help me out.

But … well … wait!

The only thing I can find suggests that they are by the composer F. X. Thuri, who was born in 1936. Am I reading this page correctly?



  1. Does this enlighten you at all?
    Thuri Chamber Orchestra – direction : Frantisek Xaver Thuri

  2. I kind of thought maybe he was the conductor … but it ALSO appears that he composed … um … Baroque music. Odd, don’t you think? Why would someone in the 20th or 21st century write Baroque style music, I wonder? Maybe it was an assignment of some sort … dunno!

  3. Well, I guess I figured it was more like “baroque-style” music. People do that, you know, even in these 21st century days…

  4. Oh, if you heard it you’d definitely think it’s from the Baroque era! It’s really weird.

  5. I guess I’d better give it a listen…

  6. I know someone who could play it for you this evening! 🙂