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The musical instruments that are considered woodwind instruments will be equipped with one or two reeds. The shaping of woodwind musical instruments is tubular, and certain woodwinds will have several curves in the tube, which will allow different sounds to be made simply by the shape of the instrument. The musician will place a reed in the mouthpiece to create sound and the amount of air in the tubing will determine what type of sound will be emitted.

Really? Whoa.

And I guess flutes are in a category of their own now, eh?

And later …

The remaining sections of the woodwind section will be comprised of musical instruments such as the oboe. This grouping will include the English horn based on the shaping of the tube, and this woodwind styled instrument does not use a reed to promote the sound.

Hmmm. No reed? Really?


(I looked around at the site to see who wrote all the blog entries, but could find nothing. Plugging in the quote above I’m taken to another site. Is someone selling this “article”? Putting it out there for free? Is it for students who want to avoid doing work? If so, they would be turning in an awful paper! Or maybe it’s just someone who was writing nonsense for fun?)

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