I was looking up the Bach Cantata #82. Lo and behold, one movement is listed as “Ich babe genug” by both iTunes and emusic.com.

Yes. I laughed.

So do we translate that as “I’m enough babe”, ya think?


  1. Arjun Muralidharan

    Lol that’s funny… and it’s pretty embarrassing for iTunes. Then again, when did iTunes ever serve as a good resource for classical music…

  2. Isn’t it odd, though, that both iTunes AND emusic had the same typo? Makes me wonder if they are connected or something. Hmmm.

    iTunes doesn’t know much about classical music, but I do frequently locate a work I need to study! Kind of handy sometimes!

    Welcome to the site, btw, and thanks for your comment!

  3. Arjun Muralidharan

    Gracenote CDDB… it’s a music database service that’s used by most of these online stores…


  4. Ah … so they are all getting the same incorrect info eh?

    I truly think that Apple, at least, needs ME! I will happily go work for them … I only live about 10 minutes away from their main “campus”. I would go over all of their classical music and tell them what’s what! 😉