30. December 2007 · Comments Off on Batch? In Cleveland? · Categories: Links, Listen, Ramble

So … is Bach really pronounced “Batch” by some? That’s what it sounds like in this podcast by “audio newsstand”, whatever that is. (New to me, anyway.) And Prokofiev as “Procofeeve” (or something like that, with the accent on the first syllable). The British sounding voice sounds computerized, with no expression whatsoever. Of course a lot of compsoers’ names are pronounced in a variety of ways! Bizarre, if you ask me. Maybe even bizarre if you don’t ask me! There are some other “huh?” moments too, where I can’t figure out exactly what the “person” is saying. Hmmm. Did the voice just say “Frank Zapra”?

Okay. I’ll go now. But listen … it’s kind of funny. To me anyway.

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