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I had never seen this Louis Armstrong/Danny Kaye duo before. If only I’d done a little YouTubing (that IS a verb, isn’t it?) while I was watching The Court Jester on the 31st … heh … bet that would have come up, eh? But in any case, many thanks to Ms. DiDonato, via The Standing Room’s (del.icio.us) Reading Room. Great fun!

Of course NOW I did have to blog Danny Kaye … and, well, here’s something to start with … Danny Kaye showing us what a conductor really looks like! Plus …

Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Gotta get this one!)

Children, what makes music music?
Music! “Und” why?
When to the symphony you go
and they’re playing fast but slow
Do you hear the pizzicato’s sweet hello
when you go
Or the flugelhorns up high
Or the fiddles when they cry
No, und why
Because you don’t go
You see, children.
A symphony is not only music.
It tells a story which has
a beginning, middle und an end.
Except of course,
the “Unfinished Symphony”…
which has a beginning…

(The ending of this clip is great … watch the whole thing. He’s quite impressive.)

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