03. January 2008 · Comments Off on Well … duh … · Categories: Links, Ramble

I have a tendency these days to skim when I read. Bad idea. But typical me. (I’ve actually done this forever.) I’m continuing to read Alex Ross’s book, The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, and I’m happy to say no skimming is going on; it’s taking me ages to read it, of course.

But … having skimmed the Metropolitan Opera page about the HD simulcasts I didn’t notice the encores of each one. Duh. So thanks, Lisa, for pointing that out! I just might be able to go to some of these Sunday performances at noon if I don’t have work. (It does mean going to the early church service, but once I get my act together I’m sure I can wake up before 8:45. Yes. Really. I got out of bed today at 8:45. I’m a sloth.)

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