I just found out that the David Amram piece that we played on our first SSV set, conducted by Paul Polivnick, is now online. I’m listening to it at this very moment. The second section begins with yours truly, as I played principal oboe for that set rather than English horn.

Hmmm. How do I feel? Not totally disgusted, so that’s good news. But I am quite critical of my oboe playing and I do hear things that bug me. Such is life. Still, I’m relieved that it’s not making me want to quit. Yet.

Oh. Maybe I take that back. I’m hearing more. Heh. I guess it’s good to never be satisfied.


In Other News …

It’s raining! Hard! I have been awake for quite some time because of the rain pounding on our skylight. This is probably a good thing, as I have to be up at a horrendously early hour tomorrow for my flight anyway. The rain is a welcome thing around here, as it’s been far too dry. I am happy. My reeds will be happy too.

And other other news…

I had a dream—a nightmare really—two nights ago about playing an SSV job that I had planned to take off. What is so weird is that I realized, the day after the dream, that I had forgotten to turn in my absence request. Sigh. I’m always very timely about my requests, and I have never taken a job off by lying because I passed the deadline. (Yes, people do that. It’s grounds for firing, but they rarely get caught.) So there you go. Guess I’m stuck playing the job. Which means canceling a day at UCSC. Which I do not like to do. But there you go.

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  1. Wow, Bravo to all, what a lovely piece, and hey , how ’bout that clarinet! Also never thought to look up the SSV site, now I know…

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