A great painting, or symphony, or play, doesn’t diminish us, but enlarges us, and we, too, want to make our own cry of affirmation to the power of creation behind the universe. This surge of creativity has nothing to do with competition, or degree of talent.

-Madeline L’Engle


  1. Oh…yeah? well…ha…well…
    *sigh still result oriented…Nobody tawks about the time behind the curtain pulling all the levers to make it all happen – composer or oboe-meister – the hundreds and hundreds (thats 100 squared) of hours spent in confusion or in terror – in practice or strange spinal contortions at a desk writing. ComposeBastard is particularly in a terror mode right now this morning as he listens to 6 different alternative sketch segments for a work he is writing – all very much alike with alternative strengths and weaknesses – wondering which one to choose – which one will sound better orchestrated. That’s 6 he was able to narrow down from 32. OMG!!! WHAT IF COMPOSERBASTARD MAKES A WRONG CHOICE?? WHAT THEN??? WHO LIVES??? WHO DIES??? WHAT CRIME AM I COMMITTING?

    Thats the reality of it…

    There’s inspiration in working at it – not to be shared. Sure of that. But the reality of creativity doesn’t just have to take a road into a derivative meander of romanticized musing. In most cases it takes great patience, introspection, negating, experimentation, and a ton of damng hard work.

    But ye, no one ever acknowledges that’s where the craft and art is…the rest is an exhale…
    (you can tell I am staying home today because of the storms and have nothing to do but post these lengthy blablas)

  2. I don’t believe L’Engle was suggesting that those of us in an art profession don’t slave away (she certainly did). I think she is suggesting that hearing a great work or seeing a fabulous painting (etc.) causes the person who has witnessed the wonder drives that person to want to create as well. I don’t believe she is saying that that “art” will be the wonder that the person witnessed. Just that it makes people want to be creative too.

    But maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

  3. OKi. Well, maybe I am reading this wrong. But right now there is a mass of rain and mud up on the hill behind my house, and the wind I just clocked is at 41 mph!

    (Hmmm…maybe I should cut this piece down from 20 minutes to 2 minutes and call it a minute waltz and head for a a hotel!)

  4. … and I’m typing this from Panera … our power has been out since 10:26 AM. I am very, very grumpy. I value power. Power is a good thing. No power makes me feel … well … powerless.

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