05. January 2008 · Comments Off on Etiquette … · Categories: Other People's Words, Ramble

I just received an email from a new reader of this blog:

Dear Patty (if I may), I ran across your website this morning. I found it so useful and enjoyable, I sent the address to all my students.

I have one Etiquette suggestion, which is the result of recent experiences, and from those years when I was a contractor in New York City. If you accept a date, then do the date. Don’t send a substitute, if you get called for another or better date. The Contractor called you because he wanted you, not your sub.

Keep up the wonderful site.

First of all … how terribly kind of this person to write me and send such kind words. And second … good suggestion! I had never thought to put that down, because I’ve never bagged a gig in my life. Do read this. Do keep it in mind!

(I’m keeping the writer anonymous unless the individual would like to be named.)

I’m betting some musicians will disagree with this, but I’m of the you took it, you play it mentality, unless there is some extreme reason to bag it.