I’m in Southern California. I’ve been assisting (and annoying) in wedding planning. And I believe things are nearly done! Woo hoo!

Kelsey and Mel even found an officiant. So things seem fairly settled. But of course now for the big question … what do I wear!? Hmmm. It is all about me, right? (I had earlier thought I found something, but it didn’t look as nice as I had hoped. Such is life.)

So … no oboe this weekend. Barely any music, actually. Starting tomorrow it’s back to San Jose, music, and reality. Probably back to reeds, too. Ya think?


  1. Jeannette Clemons

    you do NOT wear BLACK! Tee Hee!!! Jeannette

    PS Ask Kelsey what she LOVES on you! Favorite color, style etc. And then go from there…it IS all about you… you are Paying for it, no?

  2. Jeannette Clemons

    how funny..looking back at the post,when you said “Check check check” , I did not think of “checkmarks”of course I thought of
    ….BANK checks!

  3. No, no black. That much I know. Kelsey and I did go shopping and I’m hoping we’ll do that again later … probably should wait anyway since it’ll be in the heat of the summer and shopping when it’s rainy I know I’ll buy the wrong thing!

    And yes, boy are we paying. And paying. And paying. So “Check, check, check” can be read both ways. 🙂