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I don’t know who I will vote for yet, and when i do I’m not going to post that information here. i don’t talk politics.

Still, you might go over to Daily Observations and read what some presidential candidates say about the arts.

Of course what a politician says means very little to yours truly. I just don’t believe ’em. I figure they say what they think we want them to say.

Yeah, I’m that kind of person.

Off of that subject…
There’s this annoying Progresso soup ad where the women say they are on various soup diets. It’s all very silly. But what bugs me most is that they are all wearing black dresses. What do they think they are? Musicians? (Really, I’m so distracted by the black dresses … I’m goofy that way.)

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I’d ask you … beg you … pay you … to vote for me but, well, they don’t have a reedy category. Nor do they have a whiney category. And winning wouldn’t give me a lifetime supply of reeds, either.

Such a shame, don’t you think?

By the way, if I ever run for president I’m promising good reeds for every household. Nice, huh?

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I had blogged earlier about missing the deadline (by three days) for an excused absence for a kiddie concert. Turns out that the request has been approved, but not before I received a verbal spanking.

I take my work very seriously, and I’ve been at symphony work since 1974. This was the first time I ever submitted something late. I usually submit requests months in advance, to enable my replacement to be found early. I’ve never lied to get out of a job … not once … and I’ve moved up to principal when I’ve not been given enough notice and could have refused. Needless to say the spanking was disheartening to yours truly.

I will never again request something late. If I miss the deadline, I will not request the absence. But it also makes me think twice about submitting requests early; no one commends anyone for doing things early. We only get reprimanded for something late. Go figure.

It’s funny, in some ways (some sick ways?) to think about this job. The conductor is up there to tell me what to do, and I mainly hear from him or her when I am doing something wrong. (I’m like a little puppy dog when I do get a positive comment … I even feel as if my tail is wagging and I’ve been handed a treat.) I read reviews and, for the most part, only see the negative words or the lack of any comment whatsoever. (Seeing no comment when I have a major solo speaks volumes to this insecure person.)

Still, I love this job. Very much. This business isn’t full of kudos, but I’ll stick with it. 🙂

That’s what my thermometer says. I’m in my teaching studio at UCSC.

Now I do admit that many of you live in much colder climates, and I’m sure you all go ahead and play and teach when the temperature is 55.9. But I’m a wimp. The oboe is staying in its case, and I’m staying in my coat. I let the students decide if they are willing to pull out their instruments.

—Time Lapse—

I’m home. After a ton of traffic. Stupid rain. Stupid bad drivers.

UCSC verdict: Oboe students said, “Thanks but not thanks,” to lessons. WWQ said, “Sure, why not?” and while they froze they managed to get through the Beethoven, Barthe and Pierne. It was great to see everyone again, and next week we’ll either have better heating from the school or a space heater. One way or another we’ll make it work.

One of the students there has been without power since last Friday, and they don’t even have running water. I can’t imagine … and I know I’d be very, very grumpy!

In Other News
A while back I said I wasn’t about to be the nerdy sort who bought one of those wheeled laptop cases to carry my oboe, music and computer in. Not I. I’m too hip to do that. But … well … I have to lug an awful lot to UCSC. And my back wasn’t happy with the weight of things in my old business bag. (I will continue to use the fabulous Wiseman case my parents bought me a while back for playing work, of course.) So I am now a nerd. With a rolling laptop case. As I told my students today, I’m 51 and I can be a nerd if I want. So there.

Any Tetris fans out there? If so, check this out. Too fun!