That’s what my thermometer says. I’m in my teaching studio at UCSC.

Now I do admit that many of you live in much colder climates, and I’m sure you all go ahead and play and teach when the temperature is 55.9. But I’m a wimp. The oboe is staying in its case, and I’m staying in my coat. I let the students decide if they are willing to pull out their instruments.

—Time Lapse—

I’m home. After a ton of traffic. Stupid rain. Stupid bad drivers.

UCSC verdict: Oboe students said, “Thanks but not thanks,” to lessons. WWQ said, “Sure, why not?” and while they froze they managed to get through the Beethoven, Barthe and Pierne. It was great to see everyone again, and next week we’ll either have better heating from the school or a space heater. One way or another we’ll make it work.

One of the students there has been without power since last Friday, and they don’t even have running water. I can’t imagine … and I know I’d be very, very grumpy!

In Other News
A while back I said I wasn’t about to be the nerdy sort who bought one of those wheeled laptop cases to carry my oboe, music and computer in. Not I. I’m too hip to do that. But … well … I have to lug an awful lot to UCSC. And my back wasn’t happy with the weight of things in my old business bag. (I will continue to use the fabulous Wiseman case my parents bought me a while back for playing work, of course.) So I am now a nerd. With a rolling laptop case. As I told my students today, I’m 51 and I can be a nerd if I want. So there.

Any Tetris fans out there? If so, check this out. Too fun!


  1. no, no, 55 IS too cold even here in the NE!

  2. I had to laugh about the nerdy rolling case. I have a Tutto rolling office on wheels that I take to school every day. It is ubernerdy because it rolls on four wheels and has a pull handle like a wagon. My daughter told me it is the dorkiest thing she has ever seen. I retorted that I’m a 47-year old college student and dorky by definition, so who cares? It holds my Thermos (a critical supply of caffeine), my lunch, all my books and supplies, and I strap my oboe/EH to the top with bungee cords. To complete the outrageous dorkiness, when it rains, I cover the entire ensemble with a tarp. But my back and shoulders could never schlep all this stuff around campus every day. So there!

  3. Hah! I love the image!

    But what can we do … those of us a wee bit older know the value of saving one’s back. Just like we know the value of saving hearing … something a lot of younger folk don’t quite get. Besides, they’ll never grow old, right?

    Dorks Unite! 🙂

    So many things that would have horrified me when I was younger no longer are such a big deal. Funny how that happens.

  4. … and I’m glad, oboemom, that 55 IS considered cold. Whew.

    I told the students I actually did have to play in colder (for Mannheim Steamroller gig where I was playing Swan of Tuonela, of all things!), and I’ve played in MUCH hotter. 112.

    Ah, the glamorous life of a musician.

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