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Anne-Carolyn Bird blogs about sitting in “the best seat in the house” to hear Die Walkure. (Thanks for thinking of me, ACB! I’m flattered!) She also has a bunch of exciting jobs coming up. And then I went here to listen to her sing. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Okay … so I wrote a very silly poem:


I’m not jealous, no sirree. Not me.
I’m not green, not I, nope. I won’t cry.
She might sing a lullaby or aria
and make me weep,
but I can’t help but wonder
if she’d only blunder
when I’m in great need.
Could she make my oboe reed?

Yes, totally lopsided in beats and all, but I’m only an oboe player. You don’t expect better, do you? Of course if it were set to music you can make it all work. Get to work, composers! And just so you all know, whenever someone blows me away by whatever it is they do I always respond with, “But can he/she make an oboe reed?!” Of course any wise person will just look at me askance—what fun to use that word, “askance”!—and say, “Well, can YOU?!”

Hey, ACB, wanna do the Vaughan Williams Ten Blake Songs sometime? 🙂

Anyhoo, congrats to Anne-Carolyn and all her exciting news! I wanna hear specifics asap!

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