I decided to check out Boosey Radio. I’m listening to the station “Sunny Saturday” (only because that’s what is first up … not my choice as I’m not necessarily into sunny). It hops from one movement of a work to another. We began with Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition (one movement only), and we hit on Beethoven, Holst, Vivaldi, Mozart, Gershwin, Grieg … not necessarily in that order.

The thing is, I like seeing a full work of art when I’m looking at an art work, and I like reading the whole novel, not a chapter, and if I go to an opera performance I want to see and hear the whole thing.

And I want the same thing with music. Even on radio or when I’m listening to CDs. Our younger son is a “hopper” when it comes to his iPod. He’s the same way with things on TV sometimes. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Maybe the remote control generation—meaning they never knew anything else, certainly I use the remote control too!—just views all of this differently.

I have done the iPod “surprise me” thing. And sometimes it works just fine. Sometimes not. But it’s not the norm for me.

I wonder, too, if composers get bugged if someone listens to one movement of a work of theirs and says, “Okay, got it. Enough.” Or are they just happy to have anything at all—even if incomplete—heard?

Just thinking ….

(And I just changed stations to “Mood Indigo” which is more my style.)

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  1. nope we dont care who listens or knot. We write because we are the ones always saying “we got it” after one take of listening to other composer works and need to write music we can listen to over and over again.