The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, known for its offbeat approach to music (A recent concert featured “Beethoven” jumping out of a DeLorean), will present “Twisted Sisters” on Saturday at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland. Showtime is 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 to $27.50.

“I like to say that we take the ‘phony’ out of ‘symphony,'” said conductor and founder J.R. Cassidy. “If you’re coming to see a Kentucky Symphony Orchestra show, you’re coming for the experience — not just to hear the music, not just to see the orchestra. But, what are they going to do? How are they going to do it?

“There is no place we cannot or will not go.”


(This is the second time I’ve blogged about Kentucky S. O.)

There are many places I cannot and will not go.

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As Scott reports, the classical music blogworld has made it to wikipedia. I can’t add myself, though; I’ve heard that’s not proper. And I’m a proper girl.

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Nico Muhly writes about the pop and “classical” and the two meeting or mixing or whatever. Good read.

Sometimes I get the feeling that pop artists are attempting classical music because they want to be taken seriously and classical artists are attempting the pop genre because they want to be popular. I guess I’m always the cynic.

But in any case, it’s a good article, and he mentions the currently popular Sufjan Stevens who plays oboe. He’s not exactly my cuppa, although I do own some of his stuff, but I know he’s popular with some.

And there’s this:

E.M.Forster says it best when describing how George Merrill touched him in the small of the back, “just above the buttocks”, to be specific: “The sensation was unusual and I still remember it … It was as much psychological as physical. It seemed to go straight through the small of my back into my ideas, without involving my thoughts.”

Good quote.

In other News …

  • Jameson was having a birthday party and I realized I was sill in my pjs when everyone began arriving. Yikes!
  • A shelf where I keep all my oboe reeds and reed making equipment, along with a few books, broke. Oh no!
  • I found out a person living with us is a scam artist and thief (not so great when there are instruments here). Uh-oh!
  • There was a tornado coming and Dan told me that I could take the baby and go crouch by tree trunk … a eucalyptus of all things! … and that I’d be perfectly safe. Yeah. Right.

    Then I woke up. Whew.

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    … with classical music.

    When Cookies eventually opens for business, the crowd surge forward like teenagers at a boy-band concert. Within half an hour, the club is full: more than 100 would-be revellers have to go home disappointed. “We always have to turn people away,” says 38-year-old Canisius, after finishing his first DJ set, which starts with the second movement of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 4 and includes a smidgeon of the Schindler’s List soundtrack, plus a choice slice of Shostakovich.