The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, known for its offbeat approach to music (A recent concert featured “Beethoven” jumping out of a DeLorean), will present “Twisted Sisters” on Saturday at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland. Showtime is 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 to $27.50.

“I like to say that we take the ‘phony’ out of ‘symphony,'” said conductor and founder J.R. Cassidy. “If you’re coming to see a Kentucky Symphony Orchestra show, you’re coming for the experience — not just to hear the music, not just to see the orchestra. But, what are they going to do? How are they going to do it?

“There is no place we cannot or will not go.”


(This is the second time I’ve blogged about Kentucky S. O.)

There are many places I cannot and will not go.


  1. Picture this: A beautiful, heart wrenching moment, say the third movement of Brahms third symphony…and right when the horn gets the first shot at the solo melody, a tiny car is wheeled onto the stage, bursting with clowns! Now THAT would make ME want to go to the symphony!

  2. Oh the things we could think up!

    I say, “let the music speak for itself.”

    But what do I know? I’m just an oboe player. 😉

  3. This approach just SCREAMS “we have no passion for our own music-making!”. If I were tasked to come up with some way of making people feel contemptuous of orchestra concerts, I couldn’t think of anything better than this!