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Well, yeah. It happens sometimes. You look at an singer and you think, “Wow. She really looks like a vacuum cleaner. Or maybe a telephone. And he could be a sports car.


At least accoring to Terry Jones. 😉

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What do Bizet, Wagner, Orff, Grieg and Beethoven have to do with each other? (I hope I didn’t miss any composers. I’m going by memory and I’m just lazy enough not to watch the video again.)

Hmmm. Coffee, I guess. 😉

Thanks, Anne-Carolyn, for leading me to Mark lives in IKEA (for any who click on that link, be sure to start at the prologue) … and of course I then had to watch the 171 Starbucks which I hadn’t seen.

Yes, I have time on my hands today.

I just read about an opera house fire that happened 100 years ago. I’ve often wondered what would happen if a fire broke out while the Opera San José orchestra is in the pit. We’ve never discussed evacuation plans. We aren’t near any exits. I haven’t figured out what I’d do, other than try to grab instrument(s) and reeds. (Yeah, I really would grab ’em. If I had time!)

Safety is something I do sometimes wonder about when it comes to this job. We live in earthquake country. The pit is crowded and far from exits. We sometimes, for ballet and musical theatre, have fog or smoke drift down. For a good number of years the basemet at the Center for Performing Arts flooded when it rained, and we’d have to walk on rubber mats to get to the pit. There used to be (maybe still is?) asbestos in that building. What have we been breathing? And then there are reeds; are pesticides used on the cane when it is growing?

Ah well. Every job has its risks, right? And I am probably more likely to be hit by a car in front of my own house, I suppose.

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I have a list of Oboe Instructors in the US. (I’ll add in other countries if anyone would like that. I’m easy that way.) If you want to be included please let me know! The list is very short. And I know there are a lot more of you out there.