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Maybe this is why:

Mr. Maazel, speaking during a news conference on Thursday at Avery Fisher Hall that released details of the 2008-9 programs, also let drop a bombshell that will rattle the woodwind world: Mr. Drucker, who will be celebrating his 60th year with the orchestra — one of the longest tenures in American orchestral history — will retire after next season.

Hmmm. The guy has been playing for 60 years? Seems like it would be no surprise that he’d retire. I’m not feeling rattled at all. But then I don’t play clarinet. Maybe only clarinet players get rattled. The rest of us woodwinds might be a calmer sort. (Hah! I wrote “weedwinds” first. Hmmm.)

Mr. Drucker, who turns 79 next month, has performed the Copland concerto 64 times with the Philharmonic.

Wow. 79. 64. Impressive numbers.


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