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I could have sworn that the maestro said, “Second oldest woodwind” or something like that … as if he was asking for the second oldest woodwind player to play.

Fortunately I’m not the second oldest player in the woodwind section. Whew! (Come to think of it, among the regulars I might even be the second youngest. Even though I’m not young. Cool.)

I’m home after our first rehearsal. In time to watch a new episode of CSI Miami. They must be assuming they have to fill us in on a lot, as they are yakking about a ton of things that happened in past episodes. (There’s a technical name for that, isn’t there? Where they just yak and tell us things rather than showing all of the events.) Ah … now we’re getting a lot of the backstory via old episode clips. They must be trying to save a bit ‘o money.

Sometimes I wish I could use old clips for a concert. When I’ve already played something quite well … couldn’t I just play a recording?! I just heard that I might be playing a couple of major EH works next year and, well, I feel as if I’ve done them so much already. Ah well. Guess it doesn’t work that way, does it?

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We’ve all had ’em. Gig stories. Some would be hysterical if only I weren’t a part of them. And some just make me mad. Or sad. Or very, very grumpy. Some are nearly unbelievable, and probably, should those sorts be included in a book or movie, people would say, “Well, that wouldn’t ever happen in real life.”

This one just made me laugh a bit. I’m not sure I could have said, as the blogger did, that i would have even done the gig for free had I known what it was going to be, though.

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Opera was invented to bring young people into the symphony. They said, “Let’s build sets and use costumes and tell stories.” We consider ourselves the opera of the 21st century.

-Tommy Tallarico (from Video Games Live)

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Little said she wanted to bash down her art form’s reputation as elitist. “Classical music, for some reason or another, has this reputation that you need a certain kind of education to listen to it, you need to be a certain colour or live in a certain place and I’m a bit fed up with that. I wanted to take away any possible barrier and see if it makes a difference. (RTWT)

Well, her CD is called “Naked Violin” so at least you know she’s bound to get tons of hits … any time I use the word “naked” I get more hits. Same with some other words. Certain words bring in so many classical music lovers. Cool, huh?

Okay … but seriously, I’m planning on downloading Tasmin Little’s music when it’s available. I’m always up for hearing someone I’m not familiar with!

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Watch it.

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So there is an article that talks about an oboe-playing marketing senior associate and, well, the article talks about this right brained person who is good in her left brained job because being right brained is very good for the world. And I’m just confused, because of course I’m in a right brained job, if you want to categorize this stuff, and according to that dancing girl I’m left brained. So I’m so worried. Should I quit? What should I do about this dilemma.

Now I have also learned that the right brained folks are gonna rule the future. Ack!

This is so disturbing. Distressing.

What’s this oboe player to do?

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This is a fun read. Charles Noble describes different musicians in the orchestra. I’m guessing all orchestra members who read it can find someone in their orchestra who fits the bill for most of these, although I have to say we are missing a tall blonde (Big Bird) in our group.

But I really must add this, which I would write to Charles Noble but I haven’t yet registered at his site:

What about the whiner? Always a double reed player. Whines as well as she plays. Or better. And missed attacks are never her fault. It’s that darn reed! She’s very self-centered.

She cries easily too. But only about her reeds.

Oh. Wait. I’m just talking about myself. 😉