14. January 2008 · Comments Off on My Poor Brain (or Ears) · Categories: Ramble

I could have sworn that the maestro said, “Second oldest woodwind” or something like that … as if he was asking for the second oldest woodwind player to play.

Fortunately I’m not the second oldest player in the woodwind section. Whew! (Come to think of it, among the regulars I might even be the second youngest. Even though I’m not young. Cool.)

I’m home after our first rehearsal. In time to watch a new episode of CSI Miami. They must be assuming they have to fill us in on a lot, as they are yakking about a ton of things that happened in past episodes. (There’s a technical name for that, isn’t there? Where they just yak and tell us things rather than showing all of the events.) Ah … now we’re getting a lot of the backstory via old episode clips. They must be trying to save a bit ‘o money.

Sometimes I wish I could use old clips for a concert. When I’ve already played something quite well … couldn’t I just play a recording?! I just heard that I might be playing a couple of major EH works next year and, well, I feel as if I’ve done them so much already. Ah well. Guess it doesn’t work that way, does it?

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