Okay … frustrating rotten evening … I’m all about honest posting, so you get to hear (well, read) me freak out on occasion. I hope this blesses you in some special way.

We rehearsed the Mozart’s Violin Concert #5 tonight. Not a huge deal for second oboe really. But when we began I couldn’t find the pitch to save my life! My ears are acting up again; it’s reminiscent of when I was low on iron. (I’m hoping it’s not another iron issue.) I feel as if I’m in a bubble, or maybe my ears need popping. But of course nothing makes them better. This really makes me nuts with pitch. I seem to lose my center. So I’d hear something and adjust but whatever I’d do was clearly very wrong. Truth be told, I was horribly embarrassed. I hate being embarrassed because I think my colleagues are just horrified by my playing. It’s really demoralizing. Sigh.

After the break I had managed to get my bearings by playing with the principal oboe and trusting my instincts more. So I at least ended on a better note (pun sort of intended and when people say “pun not intended” I think they are lying). But still … now I’m in panic mode. And I absolutely hate panic mode.

I think I need to crawl under some nice warm blankets and rest. Tomorrow is a two service day. I hope it’s not a two service humiliation day.

Okay … reed cases can be sort of addictive, and yes, I have a few. but some are getting ragged and, well, one always hopes that a new reed case will improve the reeds, eh? The one pictured below is close to what I want … but I’m not sure about the wood. I’d want to know how much the darn thing weighs! I’m into traveling as light as possible, although that’s not saying much when you are carrying an oboe, music, knives and other equipment, and various other necessary things along. Still, anyone have this case? I’d love to hear about it!

Reed Case I Like

I prefer these wire spring sorts of holders. I find the typical ribbon style of holders to be difficult to use sometimes, and when I’m quickly switching reeds popping one of these guys out of the spring holders is very cool.

I “borrowed” the picture from Singin’ Dog Double Reeds. It’s a good shop. Check ’em out!

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If they ever make an opera out of “Harry Potter”, I’m Hagrid, without a doubt.

-Bryn Terfel

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The Medical Examiner
Meet Claire Washburn, Claire is black and heavyset; she always jokes, “I’m in shape…round’s a shape.” Claire is wise, confident, kind and the Chief Medical Examiner for San Francisco. She is married to Edmund, a kettle drum-player in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Claire and Edmund have two teenage sons. Her tattoo: an outline of a butterfly just below her waist. She also goes by the nickname “Butterfly” and has it embroidered on her lab coat at work.

This is from a description of a character in a James Patterson novel. I read it here.

I rarely see the timpani called kettle drums these days. Do people still call them that?

Oh well. I do figure I’ll pick up one of the books now. Maybe.

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Alex Ross is a National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist. Very cool. Very deserved. (Scroll to the bottom to see the books up for the Criticism award list.)