Okay … reed cases can be sort of addictive, and yes, I have a few. but some are getting ragged and, well, one always hopes that a new reed case will improve the reeds, eh? The one pictured below is close to what I want … but I’m not sure about the wood. I’d want to know how much the darn thing weighs! I’m into traveling as light as possible, although that’s not saying much when you are carrying an oboe, music, knives and other equipment, and various other necessary things along. Still, anyone have this case? I’d love to hear about it!

Reed Case I Like

I prefer these wire spring sorts of holders. I find the typical ribbon style of holders to be difficult to use sometimes, and when I’m quickly switching reeds popping one of these guys out of the spring holders is very cool.

I “borrowed” the picture from Singin’ Dog Double Reeds. It’s a good shop. Check ’em out!


  1. I have this reed case. I think I got it from RDG. It’s a great case! Fits EH reeds too!

  2. Is it heavy wood, Cooper? I have one that isn’t wood that is like this, and it’s nice and light, but it’s looking so ragged and I’ve thought about replacing it. (As if I ever have 20 reeds that really work. Hah!)

  3. I’ve got a similar case I think. It’s quite slim line and beautifully made in Germany. I bought it from a local woodwind shop. I like it because I don’t have to handle my reeds by their tips. My other reed case is far chunkier and doesn’t have the spring clips. I wouldn’t know about the weight because I only have a 3 reed version not the 20 reed version…

  4. Its no heavier than a leather covered one. I wouldn’t consider it heavy. It’s in no way distracting.

  5. I have this reed box, in very light wood, (beech or balsa?) and it’s really good, I love it. The wood breathes, the reeds are kept well and easy to access- it’s a very good product.

  6. I’m so surprised that you landed on this particular blog entry … I wrote that in January, 2008! I did purchase a case. Love it. Of course I always want more cases … something about how nice they are when they are new. 🙂