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The greatest recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony can’t equal the thrill you can get from even a mediocre performance because there are so many dimensions missing — being in the crowd, the natural resonance of sound in a room, the sense of collective effort, the accidental magical things that happen.

People are more conscious of the power of live performance. It’s something classical music can offer in this electronically saturated culture, where everything is amplified and plugged-in and bits of information are buzzing this way and that. Then you enter a concert hall and you’re in a space that’s shut off from all of that — it’s natural sound emerging out of silence. There’s a spiritual and psychological dimension from this music, offering something very particular you can’t otherwise get so easily.

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… and if you missed the Charlie Rose conversation yesterday, as I did, you can get that online. I just visited the Charlie Rose site and there it is!

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