16. January 2008 · Comments Off on Thanks! · Categories: Ramble

Many thanks to two of you who shared that you deal with similar things regarding intonation. It is so crazy making, isn’t it? You think you are sharp and you adjust and it only gets worse. So you go the other direction and … well … something seems wrong then, too. I had assumed I was sharp during the first half. So I’d adjust appropriately. I then used a tuner during break and the news was I was either in tune or low. Go figure. Of course part of the problem is that I assume … always!! … that I am the only one that is wrong. Heh.

After talking to a few colleagues, I believe (and they managed to nearly convince me) that it was actually that something going on in another section, which was very out, and I was reacting to that. I’d try to match that pitch—a timbre that cut through better with my hearing problem—but it was tremendously sharp in comparison to the wind row. (The winds were, I believe, in tune.) Because my hearing is so wacky right now, it only makes things worse.

And, of course, I haven’t played with anyone, aside from students, since my Christmas Eve in the freezing cold with a very sharp trumpet gig.

Ah well. Whining over. This morning is reed work time. After that it’s two services. With, I hope, a nice meal in between.

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