We double reed folk are always on the quest for the perfect reed. It’s a never ending thing, of course, because reeds don’t last. So even when we do actually make one that becomes “The Reed” we know it will only be a brief moment of ecstasy and then it’s back to the reed room of woe.

Just thought I’d let you know that. As readers haven’t caught on by my rambling and whining. 😉

This (unfinished) video is pretty funny and I think all double reeders can relate. Check it out!

I do hope everyone knows the lyrics for the start of the bassoon solo in Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. C’mon now, sing along!:

Why not an English horn? This note’s too high for me.

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I’ve written before about the Really Terrible Orchestra. This is a year old article, but still fun to read. (Hey, DK, didn’t you read some of his books? And now to find out the guy plays bassoon. Hmm.)

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I just drew a few daily strips about Petey practising the oboe.

-Richard Thompson (Read here.)

Any comic strip with an oboe has got to be a good comic strip. Right?

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Joseph Silverstein, who is playing and conducting this week in SSV, recommended we all go watch Frank Peter Zimmerman play the Paganini Variations on “God Save the King”. Being an obedient girl, I have just done so.

But really, now, I’ll bet that guy can’t even make an oboe reed. Geesh.

(What I really noticed is the lack of response from the violin section of the orchestra. The look very unimpressed and rather bored.

String players. Double Geesh.

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On January 17, 2003, I began to blog. I wasn’t using WordPress at that point, but that’s when oboeinsight began. (You can read all those old blog entries here, although I sure wouldn’t want to spend all my time reading those things!)

So it’s five candles today. Where did the time go?