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Swab comic.

(Yes, it’s happened to me. But I never sang instead. I had to quickly play on someone else’s oboe though, and that was really not fun.)


(Pretty funny, since I know some folks who think this way.)

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The program began with a fleet, flowing performance of “The Lark Ascending.” Vaughan Williams’ concerto, so redolent of the English countryside, is largely based on folk melodies, and Silverstein played with just the right mix of delicacy and bucolic charm. The orchestra rose to the occasion, with lovely solo work from principals Maria Tamburrino (flute), Michael Corner (clarinet), Pamela Hakl (oboe), Deborah Kramer (bassoon) and Meredith Brown (horn). (RTWT)

Well deserved mentions.

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(Thanks for the picture, Ruth Ann!)

Of course I also happen to have family living there … which is an even more important reason to go. But when my sister-in-law sent me this picture I had to post it.

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“Classic FM produced the best results,” says fundraiser Jacqui Chapman.

“It leaves the dogs chilled out and ready for a new day’s training and it makes them easier to work with.”

Heh … everyone loves a dog who chills.


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I knew I would love her performance the moment Chojnacka entered the stage with big orange hair, as if she had raided Tina Turner’s wig closet, and keeping with the theme, she was wearing a Turner-esque pants suit and high heels.