20. January 2008 · Comments Off on Update · Categories: Ramble

I don’t believe I ever blogged again about the intonation woes I had had at the beginning of last week’s run. So here’s my little update:

The reed that was giving me the most trouble … well … it was cracked. Duh. Shoulda thunk it. This dry, extremely cold weather doesn’t make for happy reeds. Our extremely cold stage doesn’t help. Who knows if it cracked that night, but the reed had been fine prior to that. Oh well.

After working with a tuner the next day, and trusting my instincts more, things went much better. There will still some uncomfortable moments, but everything was much better. The concerts were fine. Whew.

My ears are doing better too. I did try an antihistamine and perhaps that was all I needed.

And now it’s on to Rigoletto. This coming week I have students but no rehearsals, so there’s time to get the work in order and continue to use that helpful tuner!

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