The infamous oboe reed

The oboe reed usually costs more money than a professional oboe player earns for a year of work in a famous orchestra. Another attribute of oboe reeds is the squeeky, high pitched noise they make while they aren’t shoved into the oboe. The players usually squeek into these reeds until you smack it into a wall or throw the actually oboe player there. This is another leading cause of death among this group of musicians.

-Uncyclopedia entry

If it’s wiki it must be true … right? 😉

(Found here. I haven’t read through the whole page. Considering their type of humor I must warn you i won’t take the blame (or credit) for anything that might offend my dear readers/reeders.)


  1. Dear Lord! You should read through the whole thing! Who on earth wrote something like that? It’s quite humorous!

  2. Guess I’ll have to get through it, eh? I didn’t write it. That’s all I know. 😉