22. January 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

It’s not a big deal to many of you, I know, but it was fun to see some light snow dusting the hills on my way to UCSC this morning. I’ve been teaching here (Yes, I’m on campus now) for 5+ years, and this is a first for me. Not that it hasn’t snowed in the Santa Cruz mountains for that long, but I’ve just never hit a day when it was still there. Very lovely.

Then, getting into the city of Santa Cruz, I was greeted with the strongest methane odor I’ve ever had to deal with. Ugh! It was horrendous. It makes me wonder if perhaps I’ll run into a problem getting home; I can’t imagine this is something that doesn’t need to be dealt with, and I just hope I don’t find myself running into a road block or something. (There’s only one road from here to home that’s worth taking.)

News you can(‘t) use. 🙂

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  1. Jeannette Clemons

    I can help you with snow!We have plenty to enjoy!….BUT it has to be some kind of record that the UNH (Durham)Double Reed Day held annually in early January has NEVER been snowed out in 13 years…or maybe it just speaks to the fortitude of Double Reed Instrument Artists!