Dan and I are going to the entire San Francisco Opera season next year! I’m thrilled. Delighted. Excited. Jazzed. You name it ….

It’s time. I’ve been in this biz since 1975. Up until these past few years we’ve not attended many concerts at all. We were poor. Then we had kids. And with the San Jose Symphony (RIP) schedule and Opera San José doing twice as many performances (smaller hall) as we are now, there really was very little opportunity. Now we can finally go.

Of course I’m earning a lot less because opera cut back on shows. And we have this kiddo in college. And a daughter getting married.

But what is money anyway … right?! (And this purchase counts as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, maybe even Groundhog Day …?)

I’m just so ecstatic that we can do this and there are ten … count ’em … ten …

Simon Boccanegra
The Bonesetter’s Daughter
Die Tote Stadt
Boris Godunov
The Elixir of Love
La Bohème
Porgy and Bess
La Traviata

operas to attend and isn’t that just totally cool or what?!


  1. totally cool! How did you find the money its sooo expensive! I can’t go!

  2. Wow! I’m jealous! We’ve been studying Simon, Idomeneo, and Traviata in my Opera class recently. Good stuff!

  3. I pinch pennies. A lot. A lot lot.

    And we are just gonna be poorer. (I also am paying for a wedding and a UCSC education … aw heck, what’s money anyway?)

  4. Cooper: I have never seen, nor have I heard, Simon or Idomeneo. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!

  5. Good for you!

    Man, OSJ is doing Elixir next season… and I think it might be at the same time as SF. If it’s not, it’s the next opera, which would be a couple months after SF’s version. Darn.

  6. Hi patricia!
    I haven’t left any messages for a long time, since I’m too lazy to register…. But I just have to congratulate you – you will be seeing Die Tote Stadt! One of my absolute favourite operas, both to play and to watch – and I’ve covered quite a few after 20 years…
    I’m actually in one of the few excisting recordings, when we played it last, naxos made what they called a live recording (they recorded 3 performances and pasted them together…). It looked like a good selection the rest as well! Here in a grey Stockholm we are immersed in Wagner – just finished the first of three Rings, and started the second one yesterday. Great fun, but one gets really tired…

  7. Mike, SFO and OSJ having the same opera(s) in a season seems to be common … this year it’s Lucia, although theirs are late in the season and we were early. But sometimes I wonder about this. Still, Elixer is just one of those operas, eh? It’s bound to happen!

    Katarina, nice to hear from you! You sure have done a lot … I’ve never played De Tote Stadt nor the Rings. Doubt I ever will in our little company here. Ah well. I can’t have everything! Guess I’ll have to check out your recording sometime! 🙂

  8. Yeah, it happened with Barber, too. As I recall our productions even overlapped a bit. Yes, it’s bound to happen. I can’t help but feel it invites unneeded comparisons. It’s just that “poor SJ, stuck in SF’s shadow” thing again! 🙂

  9. Funny thing – I clicked on the SFO-link to check out their website when I read about your opera-plans, and they use excerpts from our Die Tote Stadt-recording for their sound examples. (or whatever they call it – sound excerpts? Pre-listening?)

  10. Gee … I do hope they received permission for that! I’m guessing so, as folks are pretty careful about that kind of thing around here. I’m going to go listen right now! 🙂

  11. Yes, well…I thought about that too. maybe I should check it out with our performers right’s people, just to be sure! I’m supposed to be responsible for looking into that sort of stuff for my orchestra. Tedious but important 🙂

  12. Well, now that I’ve listened I’m certain the DID get this approved, since they acknowledged you and all. It sounds great … I’m looking forward to the opera even more now! 🙂