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The Orchestra horn section will also have a chance to present its talents when flutist Maria Tamburino and oboist Laura Griffiths combine to play instrumental duets from a 1792 edition of operatic arias taken from The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro. Some of the duets for flute and violin from this edition have been performed at a previous benefit and although the words are missing the emotions and personalities of the characters in the operas are perfectly transposed into their wood and metal alter egos.

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Um … horn section?!flute and oboe? Very bizarre, if you ask me. Sure, I might sometimes flippantly call my oboe a horn, but not very often. I’ve never heard a flute called a horn before.

Do you suppose the writer meant to write wind in the place of horn?

Ah well. Sounds like a great concert, though. I have fond memories of all that fabulous music back in my own Midsummer Mozart days. (Yes, I played in the group; I was there from nearly the beginning until about 1989 or so.)

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