I ordered wrist warmers from Janet Lanier, and they arrived today. I cannot tell you how much better one feels when wearing these in a cold house! It’s fantastic. Somehow having warm wrists makes my whole body feel better! So thank you very much, Janet. I encourage anyone who has cold hands to order these from her. (Of course I don’t know if she can handle a ton of orders, but when I like something I do like to promote it!)


  1. Oboe:

    Try wearing a scarf. I found it helps keep you warm better than anything else inside. Most of the energy is lost from your neck and head. The larger branches of your body act as radiators, and your body conserves by putting your blood closer to your trunk leaving your wrists to find their own way…(you know this)

    so, …wear a scarf and socks…and optionally a hat and see how this experiment goes…

  2. Oh believe me, I wear my scarf and I don a warm hat sometimes (hats tend to bug me after a while). It’s working, for the most part. Of course the heat goes on when students arrive; I can’t pull out the oboe in cold temps like this and I would never ask them to endure the cold. 🙂

  3. i know! you could get a car battery and hook your oboe up to it with a battery warmer

  4. Hi Patty,

    Glad to hear you’re staying warm. Some of the other comments here are good too. I’ve been known to wear 2 pairs of socks and a long scarf to symphony rehearsals too. We do what we have to!