I was trying to practice my Rigoletto part today. But, well, something smelled funny in the house. Suddenly I burst into “Tiny Bubbles” and I couldn’t stop playing it. I put the oboe down and left the room. A little later I went back, knowing things would be better. This time it was “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”. A little more appropriate, considering our weather today, but still … how much worse was this gonna get?! I was going nuts! So I left the studio and figured I’d go work on taxes some more. After all, what can be more mindless than taxes.

Oh. Right.

Forget the taxes. (When you are a musician taxes are pretty difficult to figure out!)

So lunch break. Back to the studio. I was ready this time. Really.

WHAT?! “Copacabana”? How can this be happening? “Don’t Cry Daddy”? “In the Ghetto”?

OH MY! It’s the fumes, I tell ya. It’s the fumes.

Okay. I’m lying. There were no fumes. I haven’t even pulled out my oboe yet. I’ve not stepped foot in my studio. But IF there were fumes here I’m sure I could blame it on them if I started to play that sort of stuff. Don’t you think?

Hmm. Maybe not. I’m just putting together what I just read in the news about a writer and what might happen to yours truly.

If you mix fumes and writers you get thrillers, it seems. She won her lawsuit, and it does sound as if the fumes caused a lot of damage. When they finally did some sort of a test, “the equipment registered a reading so high it was off the scale.” Whoa. Scary.

Me? I’d get the heck out of there if I stuck a pin in my leg and didn’t feel it and knew it was a result of the fumes. Call me wimpy.

And now, having attempted to do taxes for a while (sigh … what a pain. I think … well … I think they are causing me great grief and I think I should sue the IRS), listened to The Cunning Little Vixen (I want to play that opera!), Strauss’s suite from Der Rosenkavalier (on the next SSV set), and a lot of Ives songs (A Song – For Anything: Songs by Charles Ives), I think I’ll mosey on over to my studio and practice. I think I’ve run out of excuses not to.


  1. hello patricia,
    jason heath turned me on to your site. i would like to invite you to my website


    and check out my book “real men don’t rehearse” (review copy is possible) and my kid shows that are going on in guam and the bahamas and poland (and maybe fresno) this season. hope this is protocolly-correct to contact you this way. best, justin locke

  2. I was just looking at your site, Justin, as I noticed you had joined mine. I had read about your book a while back, and I do plan on getting a copy … it sounds great, and the stories you’ve already told are fabulous!

    I’m trying to figure out where to put a link for you … does it go under strings? (Do you still play?) Or should it go under “Mostly Music Blogs”? Thoughts?

    And welcome to this little wacky reedy place! 🙂