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6:00 pm KQED Channel 9

Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories[#305]
Freeway Philharmonic
This documentary follows seven San Francisco Bay Area freelance classical musicians as they perform with regional orchestras across Northern California, juggling their love of music with a stressful road warrior lifestyle – which often requires traveling hundreds of miles a day to rehearse, teach, and perform. These talented musicians have an unrelenting desire to perform for a living, sometimes at the expense of their family and well-being. The film captures the dedication, perseverance, and rigorous life of the musicians, while they grapple with their desire to succeed in a hard-driving career and come to terms with their limitations in their quest for artistic accomplishment.

duration: 57:18 CC STEREO TVG

(Now if only they’d had an oboe player they would have also dealt with the quest for the perfect reed. Yeah, I know they have Karla (bassoon) on the show. But, well, it’s just not the same!)

In any case … don’t forget to watch! (I’d record it, but our DVD recorder has died. It sure didn’t last very long. Grumble.)

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