What would you recommend to a younger, or new classical music listener?

Alex Ross: First, go to a live concert. Recordings capture only a fraction of what makes classical music compelling—the social experience of listening with a crowd in real time, the physical and psychological effect of hearing natural sound reverberate in a room.

I was talking to a young student of mine today. She couldn’t remember going to a concert. She thought perhaps she had “when she was a lot younger”. (She’s young now!) I always love it when a young student talks about “when I was a lot younger.” Makes me smile.

But anyway … please, please, please … if you are studying an orchestral instrument, go to an orchestra concert. K? You just might enjoy it!

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… as well as other composers. Read all about it.

The video headline is “Muzak tames the savage beast” … hmmm … something to howl about?

I can tell you I bark less and snooze more. And I listen to classical music. So it must be true.

Oh. But I’m no dog.


Now of course someone who wanted to argue the “other side” might say, “See? That’s why I find classical music boring! It puts me to sleep too!”


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The French horn must be really hard to play, because it sure sounds like it.

-Wayne Bergeron, trumpet player

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