What would you recommend to a younger, or new classical music listener?

Alex Ross: First, go to a live concert. Recordings capture only a fraction of what makes classical music compelling—the social experience of listening with a crowd in real time, the physical and psychological effect of hearing natural sound reverberate in a room.

I was talking to a young student of mine today. She couldn’t remember going to a concert. She thought perhaps she had “when she was a lot younger”. (She’s young now!) I always love it when a young student talks about “when I was a lot younger.” Makes me smile.

But anyway … please, please, please … if you are studying an orchestral instrument, go to an orchestra concert. K? You just might enjoy it!


  1. I do go to concerts! Used to go pretty frequently, but now it just seems that either the programme’s not appealing enough or i’m too lazy.. Or perhaps I’m playing for too many concerts. ;S

    By the way, I’ll still update plinkplonkplunk. Its just that i’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had the time to..

  2. I’ll leave you on for now, Nat. I’m going to start removing anyone who hasn’t updated in a month. I still continue to visit all those blogs, but I am trying to minimize my bloglinks. 🙂