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So yeah, I missed the end of the game on TV, but I did at least hear the final touchdown on the radio. So that was good.

Opera … well … my brain wasn’t quite connected to the work tonight. Maybe it was all because of the superbowl. And the oboe ad. Or the hot dog and chips. Or something. But I didn’t play my best. Not that it was so awful I was horrified … just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. But better not to peak too soon, eh?

Off to work I must go, superbowl or not. That’s life in the music biz, eh?

I’m guessing someone there—more a fan than I—will bring a radio or TV … or just have scores on a phone. Or something.

Do I care? Not a whole lot. My day was made with the oboe-playing football guy. That was enough. I am a happy camper.

(And welcome to all of you searching on “oboe football superbowl commercial” or a some kind of variation on that!)

Quick update
As I suspected, New England just scored a touchdown. I’ll confess I lean toward New York, but I can’t say I’ll suffer heartbreak if they lose. Still, I’m always 1) for the underdog and 2) more connected to New York. So I can still hope for a different outcome.

Adios for now. Rigoletto calls!

“I play the oboe.”


When do oboes ever get any sort notoriety at ALL … and yet tonight we get our moment in the sun. On a Superbowl commercial.

Too fantastic. Don’tcha think?

I just saw it here. Not sure if it’ll stay there, but give it a go. 🙂


And nice coke ads, too. And the talking baby … well … yeah … some good ones.

And it’s nearly time for me to leave for work. Sigh. 10:59 left in the game. I leave in about 20. Unlikely I’ll see this through to the end, eh?

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The Star Spangled Banner is not a sexy song.

Just in case you don’t know. Clearly the singer who is currently singing it doesn’t quite know that.

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So the Superbowl is about to start. I just heard “taps” being played while the writing (no voice) told me the game is dedicated to the troops or some such thing. I’m really not sure, because I was paying so much attention to the weird trumpet sound. It was kind of vibrato-y and reverb-y and made me wonder, “Is this real or is it fake?”

I dunno. It was just very odd. Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I crazy?

I’ve wondered how a reed wrapping machine works. I’ll bet all of you have as well. Well … wonder no longer!

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(One of ’em, anyway.)

Irene Dalis a few years ago. I’m so tempted to buy this! I wonder if anyone at opera has seen it.

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I just landed at San Jose The Fun Never Stops. (I’m not sure what else to call the page … so sorry! I suppose I could just call it sanjose.org … but that wouldn’t be nearly as silly and you know me.) It’s about San Jose. And how the fun never stops. I think.

Anyway, they have, on the sidebar, a blogroll for “Sight Seeing”. Included are things such as the Cathedral Basillica of St. Joseph (Their link is old, mine is correct. I’m nice that way.) and the Rosicrucian Museum along with the well known Winchester Mystery House (which many of us natives proudly say we’ve never visited). But also I spot American Musical Theatre of San Jose (Um. That website will wake you up.) and San Jose Rep. Now, first of all, it just seems wrong to put those down as “sight seeing” items (Maybe they should be sight-hearing or something? I dunno.), but also … if they are going to list them … where the heck are Opera San José, Symphony Silicon Valley, and Ballet San Jose?


Very weird. Or maybe the fun stopped with “my” groups, so they didn’t list them on their front page, right under “The Fun Never Stops” logo. I dunno.

At least they are listed elsewhere. In less fun places. Like the calendar.

But wait! If you go to their Performing Arts page do you find Symphony Silicon Valley? I see Opera. I see Ballet (with their old name, but oh well). I even see the Youth Symphony (although they have a bad link up). But no SSV to be found … unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Double HUH?!

I was relieved, though, to see they didn’t list my house as a place to stay. Whew.

(Yep. You get two today.)

It will be something special for the Italian public, I’m in love with the powerful sense of life present in Verdi’s operas. Staging images and music is fascinating: in opera, everything is blissfully abstract. In cinema, if you have to shoot a scene where somebody commits suicide by hanging, you have to create a modicum of realism; in opera, you only need a noose.

-Emir Kusturica

I found it here, at Opera Chic. I’m going to guess she is translating it for us. She’s nice that way. And I’m dumb and can’t read other languages. And no, I don’t know the name Emir Kusturica. I’m dumb that way too.

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There’s also an overture on the first half by this guy, which is way, way too difficult for an overture on the first half of a program.

later …

It’s all going down an octave. When you are Mahler or Stravinsky, maybe I will bust my ass that hard. Until then, 8vb is the rule of the day.

-blogger who shall remain anonymous (for the blogger’s sake)