(Yep. You get two today.)

It will be something special for the Italian public, I’m in love with the powerful sense of life present in Verdi’s operas. Staging images and music is fascinating: in opera, everything is blissfully abstract. In cinema, if you have to shoot a scene where somebody commits suicide by hanging, you have to create a modicum of realism; in opera, you only need a noose.

-Emir Kusturica

I found it here, at Opera Chic. I’m going to guess she is translating it for us. She’s nice that way. And I’m dumb and can’t read other languages. And no, I don’t know the name Emir Kusturica. I’m dumb that way too.


  1. Emir Kusturica is a Bosnian film director.
    I’ve only seen one of his films, Time of the Gypsies, and it was very strange and very depressing, but still, I think it was a good movie. I think he’s kind of a radical artistic personality.

  2. Thanks, Gabrielle! He’s just a total unknown to me. I’ll have to see if there’s a way to rent something of his sometime. (As if I ever get around to watching films! Hah!)

    Hope oboing is going well! 🙂