Off to work I must go, superbowl or not. That’s life in the music biz, eh?

I’m guessing someone there—more a fan than I—will bring a radio or TV … or just have scores on a phone. Or something.

Do I care? Not a whole lot. My day was made with the oboe-playing football guy. That was enough. I am a happy camper.

(And welcome to all of you searching on “oboe football superbowl commercial” or a some kind of variation on that!)

Quick update
As I suspected, New England just scored a touchdown. I’ll confess I lean toward New York, but I can’t say I’ll suffer heartbreak if they lose. Still, I’m always 1) for the underdog and 2) more connected to New York. So I can still hope for a different outcome.

Adios for now. Rigoletto calls!


  1. I’m so sorry you missed that GREAT NY touchdown! (I was going to say “super” but thought that was sort of goofy)

  2. Yeah, I didn’t see it … but I WAS listening to the radio! Woo hoo! I’m so glad they won! (I’m sorry mom left too … but maybe she got home in time to see it. I wonder.)