I’ve wondered how a reed wrapping machine works. I’ll bet all of you have as well. Well … wonder no longer!


  1. That kind of seems like a lot of hassle…

  2. I think if you are making reeds for a living you might think differently. Who knows?

  3. Interesting. It does seem like you still need to do all the hard stuff yourself, but the super-tying at the end is neat. I wish it would make the knot for you. I would have to buy the machine.

  4. I’ve thought about buying one since I wrap reeds by the dozen, but I think I’ve gotten so that it takes me about 40 seconds or so to wrap a gouged/shaped/folded piece onto a staple. But I’ve heard for people with wrist problems, they work wonders. The creator was actually bill roscoe who messed up his wrist in the army or something. Very nice guy!

  5. Yeah, I can see how it would be quite helpful for anyone with wrist issues. I don’t wind enough to really worry about it, and I really don’t mind that part of the chore.