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Q: With all the struggling, why do you keep singing?

A: Because I love it. That you sing beautiful music is a wonderful thing. That you tell a story and move an audience – that’s an amazing feeling. But I do it because I love it, and there’s nothing else I would do in my life that would make me feel that way.

Listen, I grew up around Flint, Mich., and this isn’t a knock at the people there, because they’re great people. But a lot of my friends’ parents worked for General Motors, and every day they put this little part on the assembly line as it went past them. There wasn’t any hope that the next day it was ever going to change. And I think that deep down that horrified me. And my parents encouraged me to do other things, like music.

Scott is singing the lead in Rigoletto. You can read the entire inverview here.

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