Two different bloggers (in contrast to two identical bloggers, I guess) wonder if this is the “Year of the Oboe”. All because of a football playing oboe man. Or is he an oboe playing football man? Who knows?

C’mon. Wake up and hear the double reed crow!

Every year is the year of the oboe.


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Just don’t ask me who I voted for. Maybe I’ll let you know at some point. Or give you a hint. 😉

When I turned in my absentee ballot (I vote absentee because I never know what my day is going to be like) the place was nearly empty. I guess I was there at just the right time; the news seems to suggest that a whole lot of folks got out to vote. Nice, eh?
Fab Video!
I didn’t realize, until I read this, that the New York Times has a Polling Place Photo Project. Gotta love that alliteration.

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Now if you aren’t a Sweeney Todd fan, or if you’ve only seen the movie, you might not connect. But I loved it!

Thanks Mike!.

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Don’t forget …


(Yes, more states too … who else votes today? Sorry … still trying to figure this one out!)

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I read that the Latvian authorities (who are “Latvian authorities”?) made an opera company take down some ads, saying the ads promoted child p*rn*graphy.

I despise child p*rn*graphy, so if it’s true it’s not funny.

But, I dunno, it sounded as if maybe they went overboard. I tried to see if a poster was online anywhere, but haven’t located one. (And of course I worry that it is child p*rn*graphy and then I really wouldn’t want to see it.)

The article ends with this:

This isn’t the first time creative minds have had a run-in with the Latvian authorities.

Last year, the Latvian National Orchestra was threatened with an administrative fine over the use of an archaic long letter O with a diacritic on its advertising.

Am I not getting something? What is the problem with this? This is why I really wonder about the “child p*rn*graphy” thing.

(I’ve put * in place of some letters hoping I don’t get anyone here interested in the stuff.)

Update … Okay … found it … opinions, anyone? (I obviously am not offended or I wouldn’t have put the link up.)