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I read that the Latvian authorities (who are “Latvian authorities”?) made an opera company take down some ads, saying the ads promoted child p*rn*graphy.

I despise child p*rn*graphy, so if it’s true it’s not funny.

But, I dunno, it sounded as if maybe they went overboard. I tried to see if a poster was online anywhere, but haven’t located one. (And of course I worry that it is child p*rn*graphy and then I really wouldn’t want to see it.)

The article ends with this:

This isn’t the first time creative minds have had a run-in with the Latvian authorities.

Last year, the Latvian National Orchestra was threatened with an administrative fine over the use of an archaic long letter O with a diacritic on its advertising.

Am I not getting something? What is the problem with this? This is why I really wonder about the “child p*rn*graphy” thing.

(I’ve put * in place of some letters hoping I don’t get anyone here interested in the stuff.)

Update … Okay … found it … opinions, anyone? (I obviously am not offended or I wouldn’t have put the link up.)

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